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About La Guia Gratuita

  • La Guia Gratuita provides information that educates, strengthens and empowers the Hispanic community to make life better for themselves, their families and their communities.


Sobre la Guia Gratuita

• La Guia Gratuita provee informacion que educa, fortalece y da poder a la comunidad hispana en West Palm Beach, haciendo que todos los latinos tengamos una vida mejor y vivamos en armonía en la comunidad.


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Mirta Luaces: Editor (mluaces@laguiagratuita.com)

Mirta Luaces, a journalist with more than 20 years experience, has extensive knowledge of our Palm Beach County community.

Luaces, was the first Hispanic woman to conduct a Hispanic radio talk show in Palm Beach County talking about themes, considered taboo in the Hispanic Community . El Pueblo Opina, was a successful public interaction program at WPSP Once Q.1190AM for many years.

Her journalistic experience also includes television as host in the "Hablando con la Comunidad", a WPTV Channel 5, community program.

As a freelance reporter, Mirta wrote stories for El Nuevo Herald, El Sentinel, and in 2004 when The Palm Beach Post launched the weekly Hispanic newspaper La Palma, she was an integral part of the staff until their closing in 2010.

Some of his involvement includes:

Edison Institute, Havana, Cuba, affiliated to Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, N.J. AA Asociate

Universidad de La Habana, Bachelor in Public Administration Law.

Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor in Multimedia Journalism.

Luaces was awarded the prestigous Seflin Horizon Award in 2006 in recognition of outstanding support of public libraries in our market.